Top Interior Design Trends for 2022, According to Award-Winning Designer

by Broady Windsor Group on Wednesday, March 2, 2022

The past couple of years have definitely seen a shift in the way we view our homes. No longer just somewhere we rest at the end of the day, they’ve become our sanctuary, somewhere we work, sleep, exercise and socialize. It’s been a time to re-evaluate our lives, and our homes, and for many a time to renovate and remodel to suit these new lifestyles. 

So as we move into 2022, we wondered what design trends will be in style this year. What’s in and – just as importantly – what’s out? Here at the Broady Windsor Group, we’re specialist 
real estate brokers. This gives us a unique insight into what buyers are looking for, and the trends that have gone before, but it certainly doesn’t qualify us to write about the top design trends for 2022! So we’ve consulted with Sun Ah Brock, the founder and owner of LUX decor, a full-service interior design firm based in Ville St-Laurent, Montreal. Founded in 2003, Lux Decor has risen to meteoric heights, winning Houzz awards for Service and Design for 6 years running, the Quebecois House of the Year award in 2019 and featuring in numerous prestigious publications, including Canadian Home Trends and House & Home.

Here are LUX decor’s top tips for the interior design trends we’ll see in 2022:

Rich, moody colours
After being ‘in’ for nearly a decade, grey is finally on the way out. According to Sun Ah, "The palette for 2022 is dark and moody, with trends heading back towards rich browns, camels, sienna and olive greens". In parallel with this dramatic aesthetic, there’s a move toward contrasting materials. "In home offices, we’ll see walls painted in a rich, dark hue, paired with white oak furniture and black metal. There’s also a rising trend for mixing metals, with brass, polished nickel and black metal all co-existing within spaces.”

A move to maximalism

In a move away from the minimalism of the past 5 years, we’ll see a more adventurous approach to design choices. Clean palettes will be combined with bolder colours and luxurious fabrics, such as velvets, brocades and embroidery. "This is an interesting time for the decor world," she explained. "Trends are always coming back around, and we’re seeing a revival of antiques and maximalism, with lots of detailing on pillows, leather furniture, brass accents and beaded chandeliers. Bedrooms are also predicted to become more whimsical, with canopy beds and Persian-style rugs having a huge moment in 2022.” 

Multifunction and interiority

People want to create multifunctional spaces, with specific quiet zones. This is what LUX decor refers to as ‘interiority’ – essentially, it’s the study of four walls and what makes a home. It’s about creating a canvas for people to create memories and live their best lives. Accordingly, given the impact of the pandemic, Sun Ah predicts a major move toward multifunctional spaces in 2022. This includes larger offices that house multiple people at different workstations – a desk, sofa and coffee table, for example – as well as bookshelves in dining rooms and a desk in the spare bedroom. Open floor layouts will also become more defined, combining open-concept family rooms with closed-concept personalized spaces.