homeowners Advisory Club

Tips & Advice For Homeowners Not Looking To Move



If you're like 95% of the population you are happy in your home and have no plans to move anytime soon.

The problem is you've been left on your own to figure out what you should be doing to protect and maximize the value of your biggest investment!

The Homeowners Advisory Club is designed for homeowners not looking for a "broker" to help them buy or sell a property, but rather a team of "advisors" they can turn to for ongoing guidance and support. 

You will get a full report on the current value of your property, along with recommendations on what you can do to increase its value over time. This includes things like routine maintenance tips and renovation or design advice, as well as access to a directory of carefully vetted local service providers.

As a member you will also learn about issues that could jeopardize the future value of your home and compromise your family's comfort and safety. Everything from pyrite and asbestos to aluminum wiring, mould and foundation cracks. 

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