Thinking of selling? How to choose a good realtor

by Broady Windsor Group on Wednesday, February 2, 2022

When it comes to selling your home, timing is everything. For many, the start of a new year brings with it the anticipation of change, and a yearning for something new. This makes it the best time of year for sellers to start thinking about marketing their properties, in anticipation of the peak spring and summer season for house sales.

If you’re in this position, and are worried about pandemic restrictions, then rest assured that despite reservations, 2020 and 2021 were bumper years for real estate, with the Canadian Real Estate Association reporting an 
annual record of 630,634 properties traded between January and November of 2021. Furthermore, industry leader Royal LePage forecast an 8% rise in aggregate house price by the end of 2022. So the fact that uncertainties still remain shouldn’t deter you from putting your Montreal home on the market. 

If you’re thinking it’s time to downsize to that condo or upsize to a lux family home, then your first task – and indeed the most pivotal decision you can make – is to choose a realtor. But with over 6,000 realtors in Montreal alone, how do you select the right one? What questions should you ask, and what criteria should you use? Here are our top tips for finding the best real estate broker in the West Island for selling your home:

Do your research
Property searches may start online, but buying and selling homes is still very much about human interactions. To ensure you’re selecting the best realtor, ask for recommendations from family and friends. Referrals are the most reliable testament to the way a realtor works, and their level of performance. You can also ask for references. A good realtor will be more than willing to supply them.

Interview two or three realtors
Once you have a shortlist, it’s decision time. Interview at least two or three realtors and see who you strike the best rapport with. Make sure they listen to your needs, and are the right fit for you and your expectations. This is a relationship based on trust, so go with your gut instinct. Look for honesty, integrity, attention to detail and an engaging personality. Make sure you like them and – most importantly – trust them. Another important detail is whether they work alone, or as part of a team. Buying or selling a home is a complex process, and having team members able to share the workload is a real advantage. Just make sure you know who is responsible for each area of the sale. 

Check the marketing plan
You can have the best property in the neighborhood, priced just right in a booming market, but if no one can find it, it’s not going to sell. So check the marketing plan for your property. How and where will your property be marketed? Will professional photos be taken? Will there be 3D virtual tours, custom floor plans and walk-through videos? This 
virtual marketing was invaluable during last year’s lockdown, so make sure your realtor has this capability. 

Ask about the level of service
As well as the marketing plan, ask about their level of service. Will the realtor attend the home inspection? Will they ensure clients are fully qualified to buy the property? A good realtor will help at all stages of the sale, taking the burden off of the seller and ensuring the experience is as stress-free as possible. Some realtors will also offer additional 
real estate advisory services, such as recommending pre-sale home inspections, to ensure your property is ready to market and any negative factors that might impact the sale are taken care of in advance. 

Check their experience of selling in your neighborhood
Local expertise is vital. Your home may be just what a buyer is looking for, but is it close to local schools? What are the transport links like? Where are the nearest stores and sports facilities? A realtor with a great track record in your neighborhood will understand the local landscape and be able to match your home to a buyer. 

Ensure they’re well connected with local real estate professionals
Selling a home requires the services of multiple experts – including appraisers, home inspectors, insurance brokers, notaries and local service providers. So make sure your realtor has strong industry connections, and will be able to get things done for you by trusted professionals. 

Examine their track record and inventory
Check the range of homes currently listed, and the types of listings they’ve sold in previous years. Real estate brokers with a very low sales volume should be avoided, but you should also be aware that those with a very high sales volume may not be able to provide you with the individual attention you need unless they have a great support team. 

Don’t base your decision on commission alone
The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ comes to mind here. When selecting a realtor, you should focus more on expertise and trust. A low commission would mean less time spent on selling your property, and many realtors are bound by minimum thresholds. 

We hope these tips will help you find the best realtor for your property. If you’re thinking of selling, then get in touch today. We’re a family-run team of expert brokers with a proven track record here in the West Island. We’re friendly, approachable and understand that every home is unique, and more than bricks and mortar for our sellers. To find out more, contact us on 514-612-8041 or email Our team will guide you through the process, focusing on your needs and securing the best price for your property.