Home Building Inspection | Why you should do one BEFORE you sell your house!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2021
💥Another Pro Tip from the Broady Windsor Group! 😀 When was the last time you were in your attic or had your plumbing and electrical systems inspected? 🧐 If you’re like most homeowners, you probably haven’t inspected your home since you bought it. If there is one thing we can pretty much guarantee, it’s that your home has issues that you are probably not aware of. These issues can seriously impact the home selling process or cost you lots of money in repairs if you’re not planning on selling your home anytime soon. We get our cars checked and maintained regularly. Why don’t we do it with our homes too? There is nothing more stressful for a homeowner than a sewer back up, an electrical fire or a mould infestation. These are problems we see all the time. Nervously watching a buyer’s building inspector check every single square inch of your home for 3-5 hours and then producing a report full of “items that need immediate attention” is a nerve racking process. This can scare buyers and send them running for the hills or give them ample ammunition to renegotiate your accepted offer price and delay the due diligence period. Buyers will want to get their own “experts” in to give them estimates for repairs. Having your home inspected before you sell removes this stress and benefits all parties involved. Finding out if your home has any hidden problems, making the necessary repairs and disclosing the home’s condition to a prospective buyer before negotiations begin is the ideal way to create an atmosphere of good faith. It will also limit the risk of having a nervous buyer walk away from an accepted offer due to surprises revealed during an inspection and It has saved many of our clients thousands of dollars in post inspection negotiations. If you're not planning to sell, you will be happy to find out what problems need attention. You can then get them repaired on your terms and prevent further damages. It’s a no brainer! 😉