The Importance of Virtual Marketing

by Scott Broady on Monday, January 4, 2021
An End to Tire-Kickers & Open House Chaos

The way we show properties and monitor on-site visits will definitely have to change as we deal with a second wave of COVID and another potential lockdown. We have witnessed several crammed public open houses in recent months and question whether this strategy is in the sellers’ best interests.  

As a seller, the question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to waste time cleaning and disinfecting your home for unqualified tire-kickers? Wouldn’t you rather line up scheduled appointments with serious buyers that you know are able to purchase your home?  

Free-For-All vs. Targeted Focus

Rather than hosting a two hour free-for-all, we believe buyers should have to answer a series of questions before being allowed to step foot in your home. Can you provide proof of financing? Have you seen the virtual tour? Do you have a home to sell before buying? The goal is to eliminate as many non-essential visits as possible, while still giving serious buyers the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision.  

The Future is Now

During the first shutdown we saw offers come in on some of our listings, site unseen, based solely on our 3D virtual tours, walkthrough videos, floor plans and professional photography. These marketing tools have now become an essential part of the sales process.   

The goal is to maximize exposure while creating a sense of excitement around your listing in the shortest amount of time. Think of it as a trailer that creates a buzz prior to the launch of a Hollywood blockbuster.  

As a buyer, wouldn’t you prefer to sit in the comfort of your own living room, looking at floor plans, while having the ability to walk through and carefully inspect every room in the house? This gives you a much better idea of whether it’s "the one", before spending time filling out COVID declaration forms, putting on masks and visiting homes that might not meet your expectations.  

We’ve had plenty of clients tell us how frustrating it is to visit a property, only to discover that the wide-angle photos they saw on Centris did not accurately represent the home. With today’s technology, shouldn’t every listing have detailed floor plans, videos and 3D virtual tours?  

The reason why is quite simple: They are difficult and expensive to produce. It’s much easier to throw up some photos and hold an open house than it is to tell an engaging story, produce an informative video tour and create a more realistic and personalized experience.  

Results Speak For Themselves

"Our property video had over 1,500 views on Facebook compared to the 20 people who usually visit an open house," said one happy BW Group client. "So it’s easy to see why we received multiple offers and had our home fly off the market for well over asking price."

"We had 15 visits and 6 offers within 5 days of putting our house on the market," he continued. "That means everyone who visited was a serious and qualified buyer. This is a testament to the quality of the marketing, which created a real buzz."

If you’re thinking of selling, but are worried about opening your house up to buyers, consider the digital marketing strategy the BW Group has executed for countless satisfied homeowners. 

If you have no plans to move, but would like some advice on how to maximize your property’s resale value, be sure to subscribe to the Homeowners Advisory Club and get access to our Directory of Service Providers.  

We look forward to making your next real estate experience a remarkable one. 

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