Why Join the Homeowners Advisory Club? Customer Stories

by Broady Windsor Group on Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Here at the BW Group, our service extends beyond the buying and selling of homes. This is because the life cycle of home ownership includes vital renovation and maintenance decisions – all of which will have an impact on the value of your property. The Homeowners Advisory Club was created to solve an obvious problem in a unique way. This subscription-based service is free to join and offers ongoing advice for homeowners, tailored to their specific requirements. Benefits include:

- A free property evaluation, conducted every 2 years, that also provides renovation ideas and maintenance tips

- Access to our homeowners service provider directory

- Exclusive social media and newsletter content

Designed to provide ongoing advice for homeowners who aren’t planning to sell now, but who want to keep an eye on maximizing the value of their real estate investment, we think this delivers a support service that’s been lacking in the world of real estate. 

We’ve been amazed by the response we’ve received from the local community, but you don’t need to take our word for it. We understand that the best testament to the success of a new category of services is from actual users themselves. So we’ve contacted two of our club members, each facing different circumstances, to let them explain the value of being a Homeowners Advisory Club member.

Janet’s story – staying in the family home 

Many people choose to downsize when they lose a loved one. But this wasn’t the right decision for Janet*, who wanted to stay in her home of 46 years. Going forward, she knew that maintaining the home would be a challenge, even with the support of a loving family. Janet stated, “As a senior I want to live in my home for as long as possible, hopefully for the next 5-10 years. I needed advice on how to maintain the house and who to contact for repairs. Importantly, I also wanted to know what I can do ahead of time to facilitate the sale of my home once I’m ready.

“However, knowing what needs doing to maintain a home was very daunting. My husband had always taken care of the property, and all of a sudden I was responsible for everything. It’s easy to be taken advantage of, especially as a senior living on your own, so after hearing about the Homeowners Advisory Club and discussing it with my son, I decided to join.” 

Janet quickly saw the benefits, "The BW Group did a property evaluation, and sent through recommendations on what should be done. Scott listened to my needs – and most importantly my plan to stay in the home – and suggested what would and wouldn’t add value. For example, I could change the kitchen, but it was important I did this for myself as a new owner could just decide to remodel. Since my oil furnace was at the end of its life, he recommended I switch to an electric furnace and paint the walls a neutral colour before putting the home up for sale. He also suggested I get the house inspected and make sure the Certificate of Location is up to date, to ensure my home is ready to sell.”

In addition to the property evaluation, Janet explained,“I’ve also been particularly impressed with the Directory of Service Providers. As a woman calling these people cold, I don’t know who’s reputable. Having a list of professionals recommended by the BW Group gives third-party support to who I trust to work on my home. In fact, I’ve already used this service several times – for tree pruning and to repair a foundation crack – and been impressed with all of the contractors I’ve met.”

In summary, Janet concludes that “The Homeowners Advisory Club is very reliable and lots of people would benefit from the services provided. I’m really impressed and would definitely recommend it to others.”

Kamal’s story – relocating and settling from overseas

Having relocated to Canada from the UK, Kamal had already purchased a property in the West Island before joining the Homeowners Advisory Club. Owning a home definitely presents unique challenges, but never more so than when you’re new to a country, with its very different bylaws and construction regulations.

Kamal found out about the service via the Beaconsfield neighbourhood app ‘Next Door’. According to Kamal, "Having initially received a lot of bad advice, I was looking for a support service that could not only recommend reputable contractors but that could also advise me on the local real estate market and how to get the most value out of my house.” 

A member for a year, Kamal has already extensively used the service. "The first service I accessed was the property evaluation. I was particularly interested in how to amplify the value of my home. Since then, I’ve contacted several contractors using the Directory of Service Providers, for a foundation repair and wildlife eviction services, and I’m really happy with the referrals provided. Additionally, following Scott’s recommendations and via the Directory, I’m now planning a major home remodeling project.

“What I find most valuable is that the Directory is so complete, yet concise. This means it’s not overwhelming and is easy to access. Really, any support you need, you’ll find it in the Directory," he explains. "Additionally, contacting contractors can be intimidating, but saying they’ve been recommended by the Homeowners Advisory Club definitely makes it easier.”

In conclusion, he states, "What I like most about the Homeowners Advisory Club is that it’s an ecosystem, constantly evolving and connecting homeowners with the knowledge they need to maintain and maximize the value of their homes. 

“I truly feel this is a unique partnership that goes beyond the traditional relationship homeowners have with brokers – it’s about so much more than buying and selling homes. You really feel like you’re getting long-term help and support from a genuinely interested party, and I would definitely recommend this service to other homeowners.” 

To find out more about joining the Homeowners Advisory Club, click here. Our team can help you make the right maintenance and renovation decisions based on your life plans, all the while preserving and maximizing the value of your real estate. 

*name has been changed