Homeowners Advisory Club – A Different Approach to Home Ownership

by Broady Windsor Group on Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Here at the BW Group, we understand how stressful home ownership can be. After all, we’re not only experienced real estate brokers here in the West Island of Montreal, but we’re also local homeowners. Staying on top of home maintenance and making the right decisions to ensure we live in comfort and safety, while preserving the value of real estate, is something that we are also concerned about.

However, although there’s support at the time of purchase and the time of sale, there’s not a lot of help for property owners during the time in-between. This is why we’ve created a unique service for homeowners – the Homeowners Advisory Club. 

Read on to find out more about this service; and why it’s such a valuable resource for homeowners … 

Why is home maintenance so important?

It all starts out so well. When we buy a home, we conduct a pre-purchase inspection. This captures any existing issues with the infrastructure of a home, and guides us on whether there might be any major defects that could affect the value of the home. The home inspection will also verify that everything is in good working order, and whether any elements such as heating, plumbing, roofing or structural issues need to be addressed. But once we move in, the ongoing maintenance is up to us as homeowners. Some appliances will require annual servicing, but many aspects won’t be addressed – or even known about – until something goes wrong. 

The best analogy here is buying a car and never having it serviced. Yes, it might pass a mechanic’s inspection when you buy it, but without regular maintenance the vehicle will eventually break down. So just as we regularly service our cars, we should also conduct pre-scheduled maintenance to ensure the integrity of our homes. 

How can you ensure you stay up to date?

However, this isn’t just an issue of elements wearing out over time. There are also changes in regulation that come into effect that you may be completely unaware of. In the past few years, many issues have come under increased scrutiny by building inspectors and mortgage lenders. These include:

- radon exposure;
- pyrite used in the backfill material under garage and basement slabs;
- the presence of 
- and the use of 
aluminum wiring

In many instances, homeowners know nothing about the issue until it’s time to sell. This can devalue the property, or delay the sale until remedial action is taken. 

But how many of us really know what to look out for – which foundation cracks spell trouble and what can cause a flooded basement or sewer back-up? On top of that, even if you spot a potential issue, it can be daunting to find a good contractor and tempting to simply put it off.

Which renovations add value?

Another issue we see time and time again is renovations that don’t actually add value. This is alright if you’re not planning to sell, but if you are then you need to know if you’ll actually realize a return on your investment. 

The Homeowners Advisory Club

A different approach to real estate services

So how can we help? Well, in recognition of these challenges that homeowners face, we have established the Homeowners Advisory Club. 

This unique subscription-based service bridges the gap between buying and selling a property, by guiding homeowners throughout their homeownership journey. 

Set up to provide ongoing support, this advisory service was actually a very natural evolution for us. After all, not only are we local homeowners, but we’re also in a unique position to know the design trends that will add value to a home, and are well connected with local contractors. Moreover, given that we’re present for the home inspections, we’re also up to date with regulations and we know the common issues faced by homeowners in the West Island. Finally, and most importantly for maximizing the selling price for your Montreal home, if you’re thinking of renovating, we can advise you on whether you’ll recoup your investment, or whether it might be better to leave it up to prospective buyers to do what they want.

Members benefit from the following support and guidance:
Property evaluation reports

Every 2 years, we conduct a Property Condition and Evaluation Assessment. This can take place in-person or as a virtual walk-through of your home and will provide you with a recommended maintenance checklist, as well as renovation options you may wish to consider to maximize the value of your property. 

Exclusive social media and newsletter content

We provide a wealth of information via our YouTube channel, blog and newsletter. This includes topics such as home maintenance, selling tips, legal advice and home renovation tips and guidance. You’ll also receive quarterly market updates, to help you understand the market forces that impact property values in the area. 

Access to our homeowners service provider directory

Our directory of local professionals will help you select reputable local service providers. Not only will this give you peace of mind that the work will be undertaken properly, but you’ll also be supporting local businesses!

As you can see, this one-stop shop offers advice, tips and recommendations for all things related to property ownership. Club members can ensure their property is in tip top condition, with the added peace of mind that they’re always investing in the right home improvements. 

In addition, by remaining informed on the value of their property as well as market forces, they know when’s the best time to sell. 

Protecting your investments

We understand that your home is probably your most valuable asset. By subscribing to our Homeowners Advisory Club, we can therefore guide you through some of the biggest investment decisions of your life.  

Protecting your assets and deciding when to invest – and when to make a move – can be daunting, but this is only ever the case when you don’t have a plan. That’s where we can help. Think of it as having a trusted advisor on hand, just as you would an accountant or lawyer. We truly believe that your realtor should be with you for the long-term, and that you’re not just hiring a transactional salesperson to represent you in the purchase or sale of your home. Instead, they should act as a trusted guide who is with you every step of the way throughout your homeownership journey.  

This is the beauty of our Homeowners Advisory Club. We want to help you create a plan to get you and your family where you want to go and to help you design the lifestyle you desire.  

What do our members have to say?

Over the years, we’ve supported many homeowners, helping them not only protect their homes but also ensuring they maximize the value of their properties. If you’re interested then sign up today. We’re with you not only on the road to home ownership, but also throughout your home ownership experience and can help you transform into a skilled, knowledgeable and confident real estate investor.

Finally, we know the best endorsement has to come from the members themselves, so we’ve selected these testimonials to represent the support this unique service can offer:

"The Homeowners Advisory Club is an excellent initiative that provides connection, ongoing communication and support to clients even when they are not looking to buy or sell. The BW Group can provide pragmatic advice that keeps me ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting and maximizing the value of my home.” – Bretton W. 

"The BW Group has been truly caring and professional about establishing a value-added relationship. They have been very helpful with home improvement references through their Homeowners Advisory Club.” – Eric S. 

"I wasn’t looking to move or sell, but did want to be educated on the market and sales in my area. I was also intrigued by the access to service providers and renovation advice. The experience so far has exceeded my expectations. I have always had an interest in the real-estate market, but this club offers so much more - access to professional real estate advisors, links to service providers, renovation ideas/guidance and a realistic evaluation of my own property. This will definitely help me plan ahead and be prepared for future decisions - whether it involves moving or renovating. It’s been a truly valuable experience and I'm looking forward to continuing my journey with the BW Group.” — Karen C.