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by Broady Windsor Group on Tuesday, June 16, 2020
Not Your Regular Real Estate Experience

"The Broady Windsor Group’s approach is innovative, comprehensive and thoroughly human. This is not your "regular" real estate experience. Lots of realtors are helpful because they are well aware there is something in it for them. Sean and his team flip this around because they have figured out that if they take care of the "what’s in it for the client" part...everything else follows.

We found their service to be incredibly helpful and they provided us with tons of "after sales service" helping us to find tradespeople and identify suppliers for a major renovation project we completed. If you are buying or selling property in the West Island, we strongly recommend the Broady Windsor Group."

          -     Sam Watts, Beaconsfield

"The Broady Windsor Group are just amazing! It was the BEST experience I could imagine for such a huge change and decision in our lives. Not only did they find us the perfect home before it went on the market, but they sold ours in a bidding war within a matter of days.

Sean guided us through every step and really took care of us. He made sure we were aware of what was going on and that we were comfortable with everything. The whole team is also very down to earth, personable, understanding and friendly. These aren’t your average real estate brokers. These are people who want the best for you before, during and after the sale!"

          -     Magda & Bartek Kujbida, Beaconsfield

"We are so grateful to the Broady Windsor Group for making the process of selling our house relatively easy. They were very encouraging, always kept us informed, and most importantly they sold our house very quickly! The whole team has such a positive energy, as well as a caring and sincere approach."

          -     Greg & Angela Brown, Montreal

"The industry has changed a lot in the 10 years since we last did this, but having a team behind us made it feel different and more supportive. The Broady Windsor Group made what first seemed like a very daunting task, into an enjoyable experience. We really appreciated their professionalism, knowledge and approachable manner."

          -     Kim & David Redpath, Ottawa

"After dealing with the Broady Windsor Group I now appreciate the value of having great real estate advisors on my side. Their systematic, no-nonsense approach means you won’t waste time. It’s also nice to know that their Homeowners Advisory Club services will continue long after the transaction is complete. You get access to quality professionals to help with renovations, maintenance and anything else related to increasing the value of your home."

          -     Edward Berry, Beaconsfield

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