Rockstar Clients + Marketing Playbook

by Broady Windsor Group on Friday, August 21, 2020
Proven formula for selling your home quickly & for top dollar

When Alex Decarie and his wife Joy decided they were ready to sell their home, they knew they wanted a professional team of advisors in their corner. They wanted a team who would take the time to listen, diagnose their situation, and recommend the best path forward. 

"We obviously wanted to get the best possible price, but we also wanted the least amount of headaches along the way," said Alex. "The BW Group’s Roadmap gave us a clear path to follow and together we executed the plan to a tee. It played out almost exactly the way we envisioned it."

Meanwhile, over in Sherwood, Don and Heather Bauer were also getting ready to put their renovated cottage on the market. Both families agreed to spend a bit more time preparing in the beginning so that they would not be caught off guard when things started to move quickly. 

The process of getting these homes ready for "prime time" began with a pre-listing inspection to identify any issues that could be addressed in advance. This lets buyers know the condition of the property before they make an offer. Next came the marketing plan complete with professional photos, 3D virtual tours and high-end videos. These tools are designed to maximize exposure while limiting the number of physical visits.

"We love working with clients who ask smart questions and then run their routes perfectly after we call the play," said the BW Group’s Scott Broady. "Our homeowners followed all our recommendations and got their homes in showroom condition to attract the ideal buyers."

"They absolutely killed it with the marketing!" said Alex. "Our property video had over 1,500 views on Facebook compared to 20 people who usually visit an open house. So we can see why there were multiple offers and why it flew off the market for well over our asking price."

"We had 15 visits and 6 offers," he continued. "That means everyone who visited the home was a qualified buyer. This is a testament to the quality of the marketing, which created a real buzz."

In Don & Heather’s case, the power of story-based marketing was also evident as their buyers submitted the winning offer without ever setting foot in the home. 

"They were living abroad and were ready to move back home to the West Island," said Don. "They read our home’s story and fell in love with the house after visiting it virtually by way of the videos, photography and 3D virtual tour."

In today’s ridiculously fast-paced market, brokers and their teams need to be constantly communicating to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. 

"The BW Group’s communication process was phenomenal," said Alex. "The entire team was dialed in, quick to respond and knew exactly what was going on at all times. We never had to wait for an answer."

With hundreds of options to choose from, knowing who to trust becomes a challenge. A real estate transaction is a complex process that is also an emotional undertaking. You want to feel empowered, informed, and confident that you are making the right decisions. 

"I’m not going to lie and say it wasn’t stressful," Don said. "It was also exciting though and we felt the entire BW Group had our best interests at heart. It seemed they cared as much about delivering an amazing experience as the financial outcome, which was fantastic!"

Buying and selling real estate is hard if you don’t know what you’re doing. You shouldn’t have to roll the dice and hope for the best. You should be able to enjoy the experience. This is our magic trick. But unlike magicians, we’ll share our secrets with you and guide you every step of the way. 

Wondering how much your home could be worth? Why not find out? Call us today to book your no-obligation discovery meeting and Property Evaluation Report. Let’s sell your home together and have fun doing it!