by Broady Windsor Group on Tuesday, February 16, 2021
The Story of 14 Mohawks

When Mike & Patricia decided it was time to sell their home, they worried whether listing in January during a pandemic was the right move. 

"We were nervous to put the house up for sale in what is one of the slowest months for real estate," said Mike. "The BW Group put our minds at ease. They gave us a detailed checklist and advised us on what needed to get done to prepare the house for prime time."

The couple were presented with a detailed marketing plan and three different pricing strategies to choose from: 1) under market 2) sweet spot or 3) swing for the fences. 

"We opted to swing for fences," said Mike. "And thanks to the BW Group’s property video, 3D virtual tour, and strategic online presence, we ended up hitting a Grand Slam home-run!"

Mike and Patricia’s house hit the market on a Wednesday and that same day had 14 pre-qualified visits booked. We received four offers before the weekend and by Friday afternoon the house was sold for well over the asking price. 

"It surprised me how little we had to do to get it sold in under 48 hours," added Patricia. "It sure relieved a lot of anxiety and allowed us to move forward without any stress."

"The fact that we also got more money than we were expecting is the icing on the cake," she continued. "It’s a testament to the power of marketing and the importance of having a team of professionals advising you." 

"Let’s face it, today’s buyer is an online buyer," Mike pointed out. "Real estate is going online and the BW Group are five steps ahead of the competition."

"They are definitely innovators in this industry,"  he continued. "Crafting a story about the things we loved about this home helped potential buyers picture themselves living here. It tugged on the heartstrings and helped generate more offers."

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