Is that blue cheese in your attic?

by Broady Windsor Group on Friday, July 10, 2020
Mould Removal 101

Many homeowners get freaked out when they hear the word "mould". It definitely merits concern, however, it is important to know the difference between Good Mould, Normal Mould and Bad Mould.

Mould is a type of fungus and one of the most common sources of indoor air pollution. Mould is not harmful in your Roquefort or Stinky Blue Cheese, it’s also not harmful when found outdoors, as it helps break down dead organisms and decaying matter. However, when mould grows indoors it can be a health concern.

Roof leaks and ineffective vapour barriers often lead to mould in attics. Blocked soffits are another common problem, which results in poor ventilation by not allowing the attic to breathe properly.

Mould thrives when air moisture is high, so your best bet is to check your roof and attic regularly and to decrease relative humidity in your home below the 60% threshold to create an unfriendly environment for mould. Here is the process the certified experts will go through to ensure it’s removed safely. 

Attic Mold Removal Process

     1. Containment is designed to prevent the movement of mould spores from one area of the building to another.

     2. Removal of all contaminated material in double bags.

     3. Destruction of mould spores on the remaining framing and sheathing with a fogging process that also destroys the roots which can be embedded as much as 1/8” into the wood.

     4. Removal of all remaining dead mould stains with a spraying process.

     5. An application of a borate based inhibitor to reduce the chances of any new mould growth.

     6. Applying a high level ozone shock treatment to the entire attic to ensure all mould spores in the air are killed as well as any other bacteria.

Visit the Broady Windsor Group YouTube Channel to watch a video in which the experts from Steri-Mobile give a crash course in mould remediation.

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