Exploring Quebec's Wine Scene: A Journey with Vignoble Souffle de Vie

by BW Group on Thursday, March 28, 2024
Broady Windsor Group Podcast: Episode 11

In this podcast episode, Scott interviews wine expert Lucas Vlahakis from Vignoble Souffle de Vie, a vineyard located in Senneville, Quebec. Lucas shares his experience working at the vineyard and discusses the misconceptions people have about Quebec wines. He also talks about the unique qualities of Vignoble Souffle de Vie and offers advice for those looking to develop their palate. Finally, Lucas provides information on how to visit the vineyard and try their wines.

The Most Gratifying Part of Working at Vignoble Souffle de Vie

One of the most gratifying parts of working at Vignoble Souffle de Vie, according to Lucas, is seeing how much people enjoy their experience at the vineyard. He mentions that 10 out of 10 people have had a positive experience and have been impressed with the wines. This was important to Lucas when he initially decided to leave his stable job and join Vignoble Souffle de Vie. He had faith in the product and saw the potential for success. He also mentions that he enjoys the challenge of changing people's preconceived notions about Quebec wines. Lucas recounts a story of a couple who initially hesitated to try the wines but ended up loving them and wanting to buy bottles to share with their friends. This kind of positive feedback and word-of-mouth promotion is what makes the job so rewarding for him.

Overcoming Misconceptions about Quebec Wines

Lucas acknowledges that there are many misconceptions about Quebec wines. He attributes this to the challenges of growing vines and producing wine in Quebec's climate. While white wines have shown great potential, red wines are more difficult to produce. Lucas also addresses the misconception that climate change is beneficial for Quebec wines. While warmer temperatures can be beneficial for vine growth, the increasing humidity in Quebec's summers can lead to disease and mold, making it more challenging for vineyards.

Developing Your Palate and Exploring Wine

For those looking to develop their palate and explore the world of wine, Lucas believes that now is a great time to do so. There are numerous resources available to help people expand their knowledge and taste different wines. Lucas shares his own journey of getting into wine through cooking and discovering the perfect pairing of a good wine with a delicious meal. He emphasizes the importance of passion and curiosity when it comes to exploring wine and recommends taking courses or attending tastings to further enhance one's understanding.

The Unique and Creative Wines of Vignoble Souffle de Vie

Vignoble Souffle de Vie prides itself on being unique and creative. Lucas describes the vineyard as a place where they can experiment and try new things without being bound by strict regulations. He mentions that Vignoble Souffle de Vie can produce blends and combinations that other vineyards may not be able to. This freedom allows them to create wines that are both traditional and experimental, catering to a wide range of tastes. Lucas also highlights the fact that Vignoble Souffle de Vie offers a variety of dry wines, which is currently in demand in the market. He mentions that many places in Quebec and North America tend to leave residual sugar in their wines, but Vignoble Souffle de Vie focuses on producing dry wines that appeal to their customers. Lucas believes that this is one of the reasons why people enjoy their wines and appreciate the quality.

Visiting Vignoble Souffle de Vie

The vineyard is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 11AM to 6 - 7PM. Lucas mentioned that their website is currently being developed, but in the meantime, interested individuals can find all the necessary information by searching for "Vignoble Souffle de Vie" on Google. He also mentions that they can be contacted through Instagram and Facebook, where they can respond to messages promptly.Don't miss the opportunity to try their unique and creative wines and experience the beauty of the vineyard in Senneville, Quebec. Cheers!