BW Group Welcomes Mark Rossi

by Broady Windsor Group on Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Great teams evolve out of a common place and time. They come out of cities, towns, or neighbourhoods, and they come along at a particular moment. Great real estate teams are formed when a group of brokers from the same streets, and sometimes the same family, share the same passions and vision, and set off in search of something different. Something that hasn’t been done before. 

This is why we are thrilled to announce that local real estate broker, Mark Rossi, has joined the BW Group family. Born and raised in Baie D’Urfe, Mark was an elite-level athlete growing up, having played semi-pro soccer with the Lakeshore Soccer Club. This experience allowed him to develop a growth mindset, while learning how to listen to others and lead by example. 

“One of the most important life lessons I learned from competitive sports was removing ego from the equation and working with others to achieve a common goal,” he said. “This translates into business as my real estate clients are my teammates and my role is to guide them through a well defined process to deliver the results we set out to achieve.” 

Having backpacked across Europe and parts of South America at a young age, Mark was fortunate to have had the chance to embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery that led him to a career in real estate. 

“My travels taught me to be decisive, self-reliant and to always have a final destination in mind,” he said. “But I also learned to go with the flow and to appreciate the small detours along the way.”

“I’ve always been curious about learning from other people, growing with them and seeing how I can impact their lives in a positive way,” he continued. 

“Being able to help people through difficult times by creating a positive experience is incredibly rewarding. I can’t tell you how excited I am to continue this journey as a member of the BW Group!” 

Great teams come together to form a whole that is greater than the sum of their parts. They need to be the right mix of people and when they work together, there is a communion of souls, and a natural brotherhood, and sisterhood that manifests itself. 

When the BW Group was formed, a quest was begun. An adventure was undertaken and you, our valued friends, neighbours and clients got to come along for the ride. In a great real estate team the principles of math get stood on their head, and one plus one equals three! 

We want to be part of your story – to celebrate and honour your family’s journey and the special role that your home plays in your lives. We love what we do, but we take our fun very seriously. This is part of the service we provide to you. It’s our magic trick. You provide us with a sense of purpose, meaning and a great amount of joy. We look forward to working with you as our team continues to grow and improve. 

We are grateful for your loyalty and support, and promise to continue in our commitment to guiding you towards making great real estate decisions.