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by Broady Windsor Group on Thursday, July 9, 2020
Homeowners who are not looking to move

Every homeowner wants to create an environment where everyone in the family feels safe, happy, and content. But who do you turn to for help, while ensuring you don’t make mistakes that could jeopardize your family’s financial security?  

The first step in using real estate to help you achieve your goals is choosing a real estate advisor, rather than just a real estate broker. 

By definition, a broker is focused on the transaction. They can be quite good at scouting out locations, showing properties and negotiating terms. But, the focus is on the transaction, not the long-term impacts after the transaction is complete. 

An advisor, on the other hand, is focused on the short and long-term results of the decisions being made. An advisor also knows how to execute a real estate transaction, but what makes them different is their ability to understand your family’s unique situation. This is when real estate becomes strategic. An advisor will start with your goals and aspirations, and then help you map out a strategic plan to achieve those goals, with the focus being on protecting and maximizing your investment over time. 

The Broady Windsor Group are a team of local real estate advisors who have launched a new category of real estate advisory services here in Beaconsfield. Its purpose is to address the needs of the majority of residents who are happy where they are, and have no immediate plans to buy or sell. Yet these homeowners still see value in having access to ongoing, personalized advice and tips that will help them protect their most valuable asset. 

They know how difficult it can be to find an honest and trustworthy contractor no matter how big or small the job. It’s a headache that causes most people to delay doing work that could have prevented many more problems down the road.  

This new Real Estate Advisory Club offers members a host of services that help facilitate the overall management of their property. This approach eliminates frustration and anxiety, increases the return on investment, and provides greater peace of mind that you are making all the right decisions. These advisory services include: an updated market evaluation report every two years, as well as maintenance tips and renovation advice. Members get their own private portal that also features exclusive access to The Broady Windsor Group’s network of trusted and vetted tradespeople and service providers. It is a one-stop resource for everything from building inspectors, and structural engineers to specialized contractors (plumbers, electricians, foundation experts), notaries, insurance and mortgage specialists and much more.  

Having the proper real estate advice is critical to leveraging your home to reach your family’s goals. An advisor doesn't view their job as ending on the day you’ve moved in. They view their success by the impact your real estate decisions have on your family’s experience over the next 3, 5 and 10 years.

In the meantime, this situation presents an excellent opportunity for homeowners to get some advice and to start putting together a plan for the future. The Broady Windsor Group’s new Homeowner Advisory Services provides valuable resources to help with the overall management of your property. This includes an updated market valuation analysis every two years in addition to maintenance and renovation advice.  

Members get their own private portal with exclusive access to a trusted network of tradespeople and service providers. It is a one-stop resource with reminders and tips on everything from mortgage and insurance renewals, to home inspections and lab tests for things like pyrite, radon, mould, and asbestos. You’ll have a checklist of items to either fix or monitor so there are no big surprises when it does come time to sell.