6 Deadly Sins That Repel Buyers From Your Home

by Broady Windsor Group on Friday, July 17, 2020

Before potential buyers even walk into your home, you have ONE shot to make a good impression. That one shot begins with their initial online search.

Before listing your home, you’ll want to make sure that it’s staged and prepped to sell for the highest value.
Avoid these six mistakes that can damage your home’s perceived value:

1. Visible defects that need repair 

When buyers see things like peeling paint, leaky faucets, foundation cracks or damaged walkways they immediately wonder what other surprises might be lurking in areas they can’t see. This may cause them to dismiss your home in search of something more turn-key. We recommend having your home inspected so you can get a list of items to fix before you hit the market.

2. Using bold or "unusual" color palettes 

While you may find grey or off-white boring, the fact is that neutral sells. Buyers want to visualize their "stuff" in your home. We recommend limiting your bold colours to accents such as throw pillows or art work. We also recommend getting professional design and staging advice to maximize your value. 

3. Having outdated furniture and decor 

Grandma’s old couch and heavy drapes will not get buyers excited. In fact, furnishing and decor can actually pull attention away from your home’s best features, giving the impression that your space is dated. Try to keep it modern if possible. 

4. Cluttered rooms and a messy yard

Curb appeal is crucial to a good first impression, so make sure to mow the lawn, prune the bushes, weed the garden and plant some flowers. A sloppy exterior will make buyers think you've slacked off on interior maintenance as well. 
Buyers want to envision their belongings in your home. Clean up by renting a storage unit for knickknacks, photos, extra furniture and other personal items.

5. Amateur photos & video
We still see some cringe worthy pictures on Centris.ca. Buyers begin their search online so if your realtor plans to take photos of your home as is, with his smartphone and calls it marketing... run for the hills! Your home needs to shine online or only the bargain hunters will show up hoping to get a great deal.

6. Overpricing 

Pricing your home too high will limit activity for a few reasons. Buyers may think you aren't serious and are merely "fishing". There is also a good chance your ideal buyer won’t even see your listing if you’ve priced it above their cut off price. Sellers often wonder, "Why don’t they just make an offer?"

The answer is because we Canadians are too polite and don’t like to offend. Overpriced homes will sit for weeks with no offers, but as soon as the price drops the offers start rolling in. Offers are often better when you’re new on the market so price it right the first time to get maximum value. 

Is your home guilty of any of these listing sins? If so, the smart move is to begin tackling them well before putting your home on the market. Meet with a competent real estate professional who can give you the guidance and advice you deserve.